2. African Geodynamics course

Africa formed the core of Gondwana and its geology is central to the re-assembly of Gondwana and the story of its break-up and dispersal.  A course that describes thinking on African tectonics in the context of Gondwana has been given repeatedly on five of Gondwana's constituent continents. A two-page brochure describing the course may be downloaded  here.

First presented at the School of Geosciences at the University of Witwatersrand in October 2005, this workshop has since been presented at locations in Africa, Europe, India and North and South America.  Constantly updated with new ideas from recent studies on different parts of Gondwana, it offers geologists and geophysicists at all levels of experience a new global insight into practical plate tectonics and provides a regional setting for the Phanerozoic geology of central Gondwana. Emphasis is given to the evolution of the continental margins and internal rift basins as a result of the pattern of new ocean growth.

The version of the Course Notes used for the presentation in Rio de Janiero in 2015 for IGCP-628 may be downloaded [here].  The notes give a fairly extensive description of the main messages of the course but lack the graphics and animations from the actual Powerpoint presentations.

2019 April 2