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Twelve Lectures

African Geodynamics

An introductory course of twelve lectures covering the geodynamics of Gondwana has been given many times under the title African Geodynamics. Its focus was the idea that Africa and its Precambrian geology had a central role in reassembled Gondwana and that, during Gondwana dispersal, the impact of global tectonics could be found in the geological record of Africa itself. The motivation was to stimulate discussion and research into many new ideas that set the geology of Africa into its broader context. Participant interest tended to focus on the African margins and internal rifts rather than the onshore (and largely concealed solid) geology of Africa, even while the original intention was to repair the paucity of trans-national cooperation in the geological mapping and resource evaluation of the continent as a whole. New data and many new ideas have emerged since the course was last given, at the Federal University of Rio de Janiero in 2015. But the course could be revived and updated if there were sufficient interest from small groups, perhaps in an abridged format. Suggestions are always welcome.
Last updated: 2021 June 30