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48° Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia, October 9-13.

Colin Reeves will give the plenary session talk on the final day of the Brazilian Geological Congress. The congress will be held in Porto Alegre, Brazil from October 9th to 13th. The congress marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Geological Society of Brazil.
The title of the plenary talk is Gondwana: How it fits together and how it came apart. The talk will feature explanation of the latest work on Gondwana re-assembly and the history of its dispersal, as set out on the Gondwana page of this website. The work forms part of IGCP-628 the Gondwana geological map, the latest version of which will be on show at the 35th International Geological Congress in Cape Town, August 29-September 3. A sample re-assembly using data from an earlier version of the new map appears below.

2016 August 25