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Gondwana Map workshop in Rio

A two-week workshop around the New Gondwana Map project (IGCP-628) was held in Rio de Janiero from June 22 until July 3. There was a full programme of talks and software instruction classes and the many aspects of producing the new map were discussed by specialists from many parts of the southern continents. The following week, July 6-10, Colin Reeves gave his 'African Geodynamics' course over five days at the State University of Rio de Janiero for a group of around 20 postgraduate students.
The systematic accumulation of up-to-date geological information from the southern continents is proceding apace at the GIS laboratory at the university dedicated to this project. The importation of the provisional geological outlines from all constituent continents into CPSL's Atlas software was achieved and ongoing research topics related to fundamental questions about Gondwana reassembly were discussed. Collaboration will continue in the months ahead. The geological line work around Sri Lanka in the CVR re-assembly (in the process of publication) is shown in the figure below by way of example. Africa (Mozambique, green) appears to the west, India (yellow) to the north and Antarctica (blue) to the southeast. The grid is in units of one degree.
2015 September 7