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Ian MacLeod receives Cecil Green Enterprise Award from SEG

Ian MacLeod, chief technologist at Geosoft Inc., was recently honoured with the Cecil Green Entreprise Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The award took place at the SEG's annual convention, held this year in Houston in September. Geosoft's news release can be found here.
The citation for the award was written by Colin Reeves who was associated with Ian in the formative days of Geosoft when the first IBM-PC (1981) heralded the arrival of a new age of computing that we have come to take for granted. Before then computing was the preserve of dedicated data centres that lacked much in the way of easy communication with users. As a consequence, iterative interpretation processes - not to mention other geophysical data processing and map production procedures - were tedious and time-consuming. Colin recalls some memories of these early days in the citation. Citation (courtesy of SEG).

2017 October 25