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Presentations in 2023 and 2024

Four years after Covid-19 regulations first put restrictions on public meetings, the fifth of five posters on our Gondwana work was presented at the 2024 Netherlands Geoscience Congress in Utrecht on March 7. The title was Geometry, the forgotten 'Geo-': the geodynamics of Gondwana dispersal.
The last 12 months have seen continued refinement of our Gondwana dispersal model while its most important features have remained largely unchanged. We are keener than ever to share these insights into the way in which well-defined mature plate boundaries, such as the present-day mid-ocean ridges in the South Atlantic and Indian oceans, evolved from the often more chaotic rifting patterns of early continental disruption and the micro-fragments created in the early rifting process.
The five posters may be seen here and, taken together, serve as a quick summary of the work as a whole:
A talk with the title, The Bouvet triple junction: a model of fragmentation in Jurassic and Early Cretaceous times, was given at the European Geoscience Union General Assembly in Vienna on 2023 April 20 in Session GD5.1, Towards new understandings of complex continental margins and oceans. The abstract of the talk is here Reeves, 2023b.
An animation showing the proposed early movements of the micro-fragments around southern Africa is to be seen here. The animated GIF is almost 30 MB so may take a few seconds to load.
A longer talk entiled Gondwana’s demise: Exploration into the third and fourth dimensions was given to the Yorkshire Geological Society on 1 November 2023. A recording with Powerpoint is available on request.
Any questions? Please get in touch (reeves.earth@planet.nl)
Updated 2024 March 22