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Publications Update

There has not been much activity on this website recently but quite a lot of material has been published as extended abstracts and refereed publications in the last 18 months. These items may prove useful to those following Gondwana-related research and exploration interests. The list below summarises what has appeared. I will do my best to provide copies in response to e-mail requests.

2014 May 15

Key, R.M., and Reeves, C.V., 2012. The post-Gondwana development of East Africa’s coastline with emphasis on the development of the Rovuma Basin. Extended abstract. Geological Society meeting, London, October 24-26.
Reeves, C.V., 2013a. African Geology and Tectonics through aeromagnetics: from Botswana to Gondwana. Extended abstract. 24th Colloquium of African Geology. Addis Ababa, January. Reeves, C.V., 2013b. The global tectonics of the Indian Ocean and its relevance to India’s western margin. Journal of Geophysics, vol 34, 87-94.
Reeves, C.V. and Mahanjane, E.S., 2013a. Dykes in SE Africa reveal first successful Gondwana spreading axis. Letter to Nature, April 2013 – rejected.
Reeves, C.V., and Mahanjane, E.S., 2013b. Mozambique and its role in the downfall of Gondwana. Extended abstract. Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum exploration society of Great Britain, London, September 11-12.
Reeves, C.V., 2013d. Global tectonics, Rifting and the fabric of Africa. Extended abstract. Society of Exploration Geophysicists, ‘Exploration of Continental Rifts’ workshop, Houston, September 26. Reeves, C.V., 2013e. Lebombo: Are we on the edge of Africa? Extended abstract. South African Geophysical Association meeting, Skukuza, South Africa, October.
Reeves, C.V., 2014. The position of Madagascar within Gondwana and its movements during Gondwana dispersal. Journal of African Earth Sciences. Volume, 94, 45-57.