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Three presentations in 2021

Three presentations were given in 2021:
One: The lost 'continents' of the South Atlantic Ocean
Two: The southern South Atlantic in the context of a holistic Gondwana dispersal model
Oral presentation given at the Geological Society in London, October 6. Here is the link to the two-page abstract with figures: Reeves & Souza, 2021a
Three: How India parted company from Gondwana: constraints of space and time
Krishnanunni Memorial Lecture, October 27 (virtual). Sri Krishnanunni, former director general of the Geological Survey of India, passed away in 2019. He left a legacy to support a series of lectures of which this was the third. He had studied for his MSc in Photogeology at ITC in Delft 1969-71, going on to help found the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, amongst many other achievements. An abstract of the lecture is available here Reeves, 2021. The lecture itself may be followed on YouTube.
2022 January 15