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Two talks for Gondwana-15

The Gondwana-15 conference will take place in Madrid from 14 to 18 July. Colin Reeves will be presenting two papers, one reporting recent work on the precise process by which Gondwana disrupted, the other appealing for a new cooperation between geologists and geophysicists in making a better map of the Precambrian crust of Africa as a constituent element of the new Geological Map of Gondwana (IGCP 628).
The first talk has the title A Brief History of the Oceans that split Gondwana, the second An appeal for a map of Precambrian Gondwana with input from regional geophysical programmes in Africa and elsewhere. Anyone interested in contributing data or ideas to this second objective is invited to contact Colin directly. The picture below gives an impression of the level of detail in the latest animation of Gondwana dispersal. The ocean data is based in part on the CGMW Geological Map of the World (2010) with refinements filling the gaps from the latest dispersal model.

2014 June 9