Aeromagnetic Surveys e-Book

\"AeromagneticA comprehensive introduction to the principles, practice and interpretation of aeromagnetic surveys was released in July 2009 as a service to the earth science community by Geosoft Inc. The work is a 150-page distillation of the many years' teaching experience of Earthworks' principal, Colin Reeves. The book has raised considerable interest and praise from reviewers and is downloadable as a PDF file, gratis. 

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Elsevier Geophysics Encyclopedia

Those seeking an introduction to the principles of aeromagnetic surveying may wish to refer to one of two geophysical encyclopedias that have been published in recent years with contributions from Earthworks.

In the eleven-volume Treatise on Geophysics (Gerald Schubert, ed) published by Elsevier (, Volume 5: Geomagnetism (Massaru Kono, ed) Chapter 5 contains 55 pages on Observation and Measurement Techniques by Turner, Rasson and Reeves. This, amongst other items, explains the principles of aeromagnetic surveying and the origins of magnetic anomalies in rocks.

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Springer Geophysics Encyclopedia

Those seeking an introduction to the principles of aeromagnetic surveying may wish to refer to one of two geophysical encyclopedias that have been published in recent years with contributions from Earthworks.

In the Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (Gubbins and Herrero-Bervera (eds)), published by Springer, a contribution by Reeves and Korhonen (Geological Survey of Finland) on Magnetic anomalies for geology and resources appears on pages 477-481.

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Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World

The first compilation of magnetic anomalies worldwide was published in 2007. The efforts of decades by IAGA working groups were supported by Unesco and the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) leading to the release of the first edition printed map, scale 1:50 000 000, at the XXIVth IUGG General Assembly in Perugia, Italy in July. The paper map may be ordered from the website below and the digital data is also available on request and may be viewed in Dapple or Google Earth. An account of the publication is given on the BBC website ( and a summary of the project is given in the January 2008 edition of The Leading Edge, p 32-33. A new edition of the map is scheduled for release at the Melbourne IUGG in 2011.

Source: Commission for the Geological Map of the World

Recent Gondwana Publications & Abstracts

Reeves, C.V., 2018. The development of the East Africa margin during Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous times: a perspective from global tectonics. Petroleum Geoscience, 24, pp 41-56.

Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2016b. Origins of the East Africa margin: Prolonged rifting preceded initiation of transforms in the Kimmeridgian. Extended abstract, East Africa: from Research to Reserves, Geological Society, London 13-15 April 2016.

Terra Nova cover

Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2016a.  Insight into the Eastern Margin of Africa from a New Tectonic Model of the Indian Ocean. Geological Society Special Publication No. 431:Transform Margins: Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems (eds Nemčok, M., Rybár, S., Sinha, S.T., Hermeston, S.A., & Ledvényiová, L.).  doi:

Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2015.  Insight into the East Coast of Africa from a new tectonic model of the early Indian Ocean. 2-page abstract and 4-page appendix. Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, London, September 2-3.

Reeves, C.V., 2015. Gondwana made simple: How it fits together, how it came apart. IGCP Workshop, Rio de Janiero, June 22 - July 3.

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Selected publications, 1970-2005

Cover StoryReeves, C.V., 1972. Rifting in the Kalahari? Nature, London, vol. 237, pp 95-96.

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