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Recent Gondwana Publications & Abstracts

Reeves, C.V., 2022. A comprehensive model for the growth of the oceans that separated Gondwana using fracture-zone retracing. Poster, Netherlands Geoscience Congress, Utrecht, September 2022. See poster.
Reeves, C.V., and Souza, P., 2021b. The southern South Atlantic Ocean in the context of a holistic Gondwana dispersal model. Presented at the Geological Society, October 2021. See extended abstract.
Reeves, C.V., and Souza, P., 2021a. The lost ‘continents’ of the South Atlantic Ocean. Poster, Netherlands Geoscience Congress, Utrecht, March 2021. See poster.
Reeves, C.V., 2020. African geology, the Bouvet mantle plume and the early opening of the Gondwana margins. Poster, Netherlands Geoscience Congress, Utrecht, March 2020. See poster.
Reeves, C.V. & Teasdale, J.P., 2019. The creation of the Africa margins and the Mesozoic demise of Gondwana. Extended abstract, PESGB/GSH Africa E&P conference, London October 2019. See 4p abstract; See 2p abstract .
Richetti, P.C., Schmitt, R.S., & Reeves, C.V., 2018. Dividing the South American continent to fit a Gondwana reconstruction: A model based on continental geology. Tectonophysics 747-748:79-98.
Reeves, C.V., 2018. The development of the East Africa margin during Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous times: a perspective from global tectonics. Petroleum Geoscience, 24, pp 41-56.
Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2016b. Origins of the East Africa margin: Prolonged rifting preceded initiation of transforms in the Kimmeridgian. Extended abstract, East Africa: from Research to Reserves, Geological Society, London 13-15 April 2016.
Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2016a.  Insight into the Eastern Margin of Africa from a New Tectonic Model of the Indian Ocean. Geological Society Special Publication No. 431:Transform Margins: Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems (eds Nemčok, M., Rybár, S., Sinha, S.T., Hermeston, S.A., & Ledvényiová, L.).  doi: http://doi.org/10.1144/SP431.12.
Reeves, C.V., Teasdale, J.P., & Mahanjane, E.S., 2015.  Insight into the East Coast of Africa from a new tectonic model of the early Indian Ocean. 2-page abstract and 4-page appendix. Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, London, September 2-3.
Reeves, C.V., 2015. Gondwana made simple: How it fits together, how it came apart. IGCP Workshop, Rio de Janiero, June 22 - July 3.
Reeves, C.V., 2014. The position of Madagascar within Gondwana and its movements during Gondwana dispersal. Journal of African Earth Sciences. Volume 94, pp 45-57.
Reeves, C.V., 2013b. The global tectonics of the Indian Ocean and its relevance to India’s western margin. Journal of Geophysics, vol 34, 87-94.
Reeves, C.V. and Mahanjane, E.S., 2013a. Dykes in SE Africa reveal first successful Gondwana spreading axis. Letter to Nature, April 2013 – rejected.
Reeves, C.V., 2013e. Lebombo: Are we on the edge of Africa? Extended abstract. South African Geophysical Association meeting, Skukuza, South Africa, October.
Reeves, C.V., 2013d. Global tectonics, rifting and the fabric of Africa. Extended abstract. Society of Exploration Geophysicists, ‘Exploration of Continental Rifts’ workshop, Houston, September 26.
Reeves, C.V., and Mahanjane, E.S., 2013b. Mozambique and its role in the downfall of Gondwana. Extended abstract. Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum exploration society of Great Britain, London, September 11-12.
Reeves, C.V., 2013a. African Geology and Tectonics through aeromagnetics: from Botswana to Gondwana. Extended abstract. 24th Colloquium of African Geology. Addis Ababa, January.
Key, R.M., and Reeves, C.V., 2012. The post-Gondwana development of East Africa’s coastline with emphasis on the development of the Rovuma Basin. Extended abstract. Geological Society meeting, London, October 24-26.
Nemčok, M., Stuart, C. J., Rosendahl, B. R., Welker, C., Smith, S., Sheya, C., Sinha, S. T., Choudhuri, M., Allen, R., Reeves, C., Sharma, S. P., Venkatraman S. & Sinha, N., 2012. Continental break-up mechanism; lessons from intermediate- and fast-extension settings.In:Mohriak, W. U., Danforth, A., Post, P. J., Brown, D. E., Tari, G. M.,Nemčok, M. and Sinha, S. T. (Eds), Conjugate Divergent Margins. Geological Society of London Special Publication, 369. doi: 10.1144/SP369.14. Published, 05/2012.
Reeves, C.V., 2012. Global thinking, Geophysics, Gondwana - and India. Extended abstract. Association of Exploration Geophysicists meeting, Hyderabad, October.
Reeves, C.V., 2011.  Some new thoughts on the early opening of the South Atlantic Ocean. Extended abstract, Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, London, 2011 September 7-8.
Reeves, C.V., 2010. A simple model for the tectonic history of the South Atlantic Ocean. (Not published, PDF available).
Bastia, R., Reeves, C., Pundarika Rao, D., D’Silva, K., Radhakrishna, M., 2010. Paleogeographic reconstruction of East Gondwana and evolution of the Indian Continental margin. DCS-DST News, August 2010, pp 2-8.
Reeves, C.V., 2009.  Re-examining the evidence from plate-tectonics for the initiation of Africa’s passive margins. Extended abstract, Geological Society of Houston/Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, London, 2009 September 9-10.
De Wit, M.J., Stankiewicz, J., and Reeves., C., 2008. Restoring Pan-African-Brasiliano connections: more Gondwana control, less trans-Atlantic  corruption. In Pankhurst, R.J., Trouw, R.A.J., Brito Neves, B.B., and de Wit, M.J. (eds). West Gondwana: pre-Cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic region.  Geological Society, London, Special Publications 294, 399-412.
Chavez Gomez, S., Mubu, M.S., and Reeves, C.V., 2004.  A catalogue of dykes in eastern and southern Africa.  ITC Publication No 28.
Reeves, C.V., de Wit, M.J., and Sahu, B.K., 2004.  Tight reassembly of Gondwana exposes Phanerozoic shears in Africa as global tectonic players. Gondwana Research, vol.7, pp 7-19. (Gondwana-11 conference).
Reeves, C.V., Sahu, B.K., and de Wit, M.J., 2002.  A re-examination of the paleo-position of Africa’s eastern neighbours in Gondwana.  Journal of African Earth Sciences.  Vol. 34, pp 101-108.
Reeves, C. V. and de Wit, M.J., 2000.  Making ends meet in Gondwana: retracing the transforms of the Indian Ocean and reconnecting continental shear zones.  Terra Nova 12, No.6, 272-282.
Reeves, C.V., 2000.  The geophysical mapping of Mesozoic dyke swarms in southern Africa and their origin in the disruption of Gondwana.  Journal of African Earth Sciences, 30, 499-513.
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