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Key Publications

Principles of Remote Sensing

This introductory textbook is used by students of remote sensing worldwide. A basic introduction to the techniques of geophysical exploration and mapping is given in Chapter 14: ‘Remote Sensing Below the Ground Surface’.

Aeromagnetic Surveys - Principles, Practice, Interpretation

A comprehensive introduction to the principles, practice and interpretation of aeromagnetic surveys was released in July 2009 as a service to the earth science community by Geosoft Inc. The work is a 150-page distillation of many years' teaching experience. The book has raised considerable interest and praise from reviewers and is still freely downloadable from Seequent as a PDF file. 
Source: PDF.
Those seeking an introduction to the principles of aeromagnetic surveying and the origin of magnetic anomalies in the physical properties of rocks may wish to refer to these geophysical encyclopedias:

Elsevier:Treatise on Geophysics, Second Edition (2015)

This is a comprehensive and in-depth study of the physics of the Earth beyond what any geophysics text has provided previously. Thoroughly revised and updated, it provides fundamental and state-of-the-art discussion of all aspects of geophysics. In Volume 5 (Geomagnetism) Chapter 4 by Turner, Rasson & Reeves describes Observation and Measurement Techniques, including airborne magnetic surveys. This explains, inter alia, the principles of aeromagnetic surveying and the origins of magnetic anomalies in rocks.

Springer: Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism

In this 2007 Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism (Gubbins and Herrero-Bervera (eds)), a contribution by Reeves and Korhonen (Geological Survey of Finland) on ‘Magnetic anomalies for geology and resources’ appears on pages 477-481.

Magnetic Anomaly Map of the World

The first compilation of magnetic anomalies worldwide was published in 2007. The efforts of decades by IAGA working groups were supported by Unesco and the Commission for the Geological Map of the World (CGMW) leading to the release of the first edition printed map, scale 1:50 000 000, at the XXIVth IUGG General Assembly in Perugia, Italy in July. The paper map, illustrated at the top of this page, may be ordered from the website below and the digital data may be viewed in Google Earth. A brief account of the publication is given on the BBC website (https://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/6982485.stm) and a summary of the project is given in the January 2008 edition of The Leading Edge, p 32-33. Newer editions of the dataset are now available.